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Infrastructure, Services & Real Estate

Fusing the Physical and Digital Worlds

Solutions and consultancy for infrastructure, services & real estate

Companies operating in the infrastructure, services and real estate sectors are investing in digital platforms and solutions not just to boost operating efficiencies but to extend beyond existing business boundaries and embrace new opportunities through digital transformation. 

They recognize the need to develop more scalable and sustainable businesses, and reinvent the relationships with customers and employees to create differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

NTT DATA provides consultancy and implementation services and specialized solutions for organizations operating in areas such as infrastructure, real estate, publishing, education, media, security, human resources, third-party service management, etc.


Innovation & Digital Strategy

Given the diversity of this sector, NTT DATA recognizes that the same change model cannot be applied to all companies. We can help you use your existing resources and capabilities in new ways to create a competitive advantage by leveraging digital transformation.

Sales & Marketing

To market and sell real estate, infrastructure and business services requires specialist skills and tools. NTT DATA can help you reach the right clients, market your services better and successfully communicate your value proposition.

Employee Relationships

Your employees are a key asset and NTT DATA can help you empower your workforce and enrich the employee experience with flexible working practices and digital tools for workplace learning, collaboration and talent management.

Optimize Operations

NTT DATA offers a range of process management and automation platforms and tools to allow organizations to better integrate people, processes and technologies and optimize procurement and supply chains.


NTT DATA is working with real estate and infrastructure companies to make urban spaces more human-centered and reduce the impact of climate change through projects in areas such as LEED Neighborhood Development and BREEAM.


Smart Building: Habität

Habität is a Smart Building solution from NTT DATA that uses a network of sensors to monitor and optimize the booking and use of desks and meeting rooms in buildings in real time, so saving energy and real-estate costs.

Smart Knowledge Management: Knowler

Knowler enhances employee productivity by finding the most relevant information from searches of structured and unstructured data, and then generating valuable insights that are surfaced via Microsoft Teams, the native web portal or embedded in corporate applications.

Social Digital Workplace: TŌGŌ

Developed by NTT DATA, TŌGŌ integrates the productivity tools of Microsoft Office 365 with social sharing and communications capabilities provided by Microsoft TEAMS within a framework that ensures compliance.


The Building Information Model (BIM) methodology is transforming the way engineering and construction projects are managed using models that shorten development times, reduce costs and deliver benefits across the project lifecycle.

Employee Virtual Assistants: eVA

eVA is an enterprise conversational AI platform for creating and managing virtual agents to automate interactions and so help employees perform routine queries or transactions using natural language.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 

NTT DATA has developed and delivered projects involving unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, which are increasingly used in the real estate and infrastructure sectors for marketing, surveying and maintenance.

Extended Reality

Immersive technologies have a key role to play in fusing the digital and physical worlds in real estate and infrastructure projects, at the design stage, in workforce and safety training, and in marketing.