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Cybersecurity services and solutions

NTT DATA believes that the optimum way to minimize and neutralize the risks posed by cyberattacks and other network-born threats is by adopting a holistic approach based on specialized services and solutions designed to protect your cloud-based and on-prem assets, networks and people.

We offer a comprehensive range of end-to-end services encompassing strategy consulting, security measure implementation, remote monitoring and technical consulting, underpinned by selected cybersecurity solutions from our specialist partners. 

By leveraging our considerable experience working for clients in many industry sectors, our network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs), and our substantial R&D resources, we offer the breath of industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise you need to help to secure your enterprise against all cybersecurity risks.


Strategic, Security Governance & Risk Management

We identify and manage business risks and ensure compliance with sector- or country-specific regulations for data security or governance, so removing uncertainty and fostering long-term decision-making.

Privacy & Security by Design

We help you achieve more secure software products and architectures with a range of services that includes automated security testing, security by design (SSDLC), SecDevOps and Red Teams.

Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Our dedicated Security Operations Centers offer remote services for identity management and monitoring network access control, detecting incidents and automated the response in the cloud.

Cybersecurity Awareness & Talent

We help raise awareness of security issues in a workforce with continuous learning methodologies and courseware that adapt to the level of cybersecurity maturity of the client organization.

Cyber Solutions

The main areas where we deploy solutions are identity management, access control in cloud environments, industrial cybersecurity, and digital fraud.


Cloud Security

We help our clients move resources and data to the cloud and ensure they are secure by adopting hybrid strategies focused on complete solutions: frameworks, SecDevOps, cloud monitoring and access control.

Data Privacy

We can help you conduct data protection impact assessments to accurately assess and manage the risk of data loss and ensure compliance with data privacy and protection regimes such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Security Automation & Intelligence

Automating security incident detection and response services enables us to dedicate more resources to priority tasks and predictively eliminate false positives.

Digital Workplace Security

We can help you identify and prevent the most common attack vectors in the digital workplace: initial recognition and access, persistence, lateral movement and escalation of privileges and extraction, and command and control.

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