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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

Elevate employee experience and productivity.

Powering Tomorrow's Workplace with AI and Automation

Create a modern digital workplace that elevates the employee experience and boosts productivity. Experience a perfect synergy of people, technology, and operations as we empower your workforce to securely collaborate and work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device. NTT DATA helps you harness the power of conversational AI, automation and modern digital workplace management solutions, driving XLA-based operations that deliver unmatched efficiency, productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost savings. Embrace the future of work and experience the true potential of the modern digital workplace.

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Liquid Workplace: Welcome to the Hybrid World

The Liquid Workspace is the key to understanding, organizing and optimizing work in organizations. Cloud-based personal productivity, collaboration and communication tools overcome the physical boundaries and restrictions of traditional workplaces and enable organizations to embrace remote working.

Your organization will get the greatest benefits from the Liquid Workplace by organizing workers and coordinating work in a new digital-first way, taking advantage of AI, automation and knowledge sharing.

NTT DATA has extensive experience helping a wide variety of organizations to be more productive and more creative, and we can advise on, design and build digital workplaces that adapt to industry-specific needs and regulatory requirements.

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Phygital Workplace

More organizations are looking to combine physical presence and remote working to create a seamless digital workplace that can be delivered in any location and on any device, including BYOD.

Smart Workplace Technology

NTT DATA leverages new ways of working with new technologies that enhance interaction, collaboration, productivity, creativity and innovation, all within a hybrid work model. NTT-developed technologies and products can improve the way organizations work.

Workplace Adoption & Digital Skills

People are key assets in any organization and we can help ensure your workers are both productive and creative by giving them the technologies and digital skills they need to add value and improve job satisfaction.

Workplace Platform Modernization

Our end-to-end approach to workplace modernization provides you with a user-centric, cost-efficient, responsive and secure workplace platform, which brings improved mobility, productivity, collaboration and security.

Secure Workplace

The increase in remote working highlights the need to adopt secure workplace practices combining identity and device management to ensure access is both frictionless and controlled, and compliance enforced.

Industry Solutions

A social digital workplace: TŌGŌ

TŌGŌ is a digital workplace designed to improve your employee experience while unleashing the full potential of Microsoft 365. It provides an open window for your company through which teams will love to communicate and collaborate.

Smart Knowledge Management: Knowler

Knowler is a smart search engine that enhances employee productivity by finding the most relevant and accurate information from structured and unstructured data. Based on ontologies, Knowler provides valuable insights that are surfaced via Microsoft Teams, the native web portal or embedded in corporate applications.

Employee Virtual assistants: eva

eva is a multichannel enterprise conversational AI platform for creating and managing virtual agents to automate interactions, so helping employees perform routine queries or transactions using natural language.

Digital Skills: DIGCOM

DIGCOM is a solution designed to promote the digital skills and behaviors of employees through training, experimentation and recognition, in an environment that integrates other technologies and the digital workplace.

Smart learning: MELT

MELT is an open-source online training platform, integrated within Teams, which adopts a new learning model based on personalization, open collaboration, gamification, recognition and support for the student.

Workspace optimization & Booking: Habität

Habität is an online workspace booking and monitoring tool that uses proprietary sensors to monitor and manage the actual use made of office space, so allowing rental and energy costs to be optimized.

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