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CX & Design

NTT DATA’s CX & Design services reimagines your customer experience to solve business problems, exceed KPIs, and build desired solutions.

Creating the unforgettable with differentiated design that drives business success

Great digital experiences are the accelerator you need to grow your business, improve profit margins, and set you apart from your competition. Our product-minded design experts focus on building beautiful and usable digital experiences to uplevel your customer engagement, improve overall user experience, and save your organization money. 

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NTT DATA's Human-Centered Approach to CX Transformationㅤㅤㅤ

In a digital age in which user expectations continue to rise, companies need to take CX seriously if they want to build meaningful and more valuable relationships not just with their customers, but also with employees and value-chain partners.

NTT DATA takes a human-centred approach to CX. Technology is clearly important, but we believe in taking the time to sit down with stakeholders to understand what makes a relationship tick, what each party expects from each interaction, where the pain points are, and what desired outcomes are expected.  

Based on that knowledge, we design and build a solution using our own and best-of-breed CX technologies. At NTT DATA, we do more than create great experiences. We help you transform your business.

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Service Highlights

Experience Optimization

Experience Optimization (EXO), involves studying customers’ aspirations and motivations, and how they interact with your company, and then using that information to optimize their perception of your company, products and brand at every touchpoint, physical or virtual.

Digital Commerce

In an era in which the competition is often just one click away, an optimized digital experience and frictionless path to purchase are essential if online businesses are to maximize revenues, boost customer satisfaction and achieve greater loyalty.

Omnichannel Experience

To offer a true omnichannel experience, businesses need an accurate, 360-degree view of each user or customer and their interactions across all channels. Through the concept of Phygital, we give new meaning to physical spaces, adding technologies to make them increasingly intuitive, intelligent and personalized.

Experience Design

NTT DATA has dedicated teams of CX and creative professionals and its own creativity agency, Specially, skilled in designing experiences that influence user behavior to achieve the desired results. To take CX to the next dimension, we can design immersive X-Reality experiences that leverage Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR).

Digital Marketing

Having a good digital marketing strategy driven by data and flawlessly executing that strategy are keys to gaining an e2e vision of the current CX. If a customer feels satisfied after they interact with your brand on a digital channel, the battle to win mindshare and build loyalty is already half won.

Customer Care

Customer care shouldn’t be an afterthought, but often the processes and interactions of customer care are disjointed and the user experience frustrating. NTT DATA can help you redesign your customer care operations to really put the customer at the center of your business.

Selected Solutions


eva is an enterprise-class conversational AI platform for creating and managing virtual agents to automate natural language interactions across different channels, including call center, website, WhatsApp, Google Home, etc.


Naka is a virtual platform that offers the scalability, security and flexibility required by enterprise-class XR applications, including immersive custom training scenarios, collaborative environments and virtual showrooms.

Digital Experience Research Center

The DX Research Center partners with clients to conduct research on motivations and barriers for users when interacting with emerging technologies such as AI, XR and voice assistants, so enabling optimized digital experiences to be created.

Customer Engagement LAB

The Customer Engagement LAB is an innovative facility where NTT DATA CX specialists work with clients to solve business challenges, prototype solutions and test them to ensure they deliver an optimized customer experience.


Everillion is a range of enterprise solutions hosted in the cloud that are 100% SaaS and designed to deliver optimized customer experiences for B2C solutions using similar CX design principals to consumer apps.

Chazz Studio & Agency

This global design studio works hand-in-hand with CX specialists and other professionals in NTT DATA to ideate meaningful and memorable experiences for clients and create products and services with a real human and business purpose.

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