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The Dawn of the Digital Age for Manufacturing

Solutions and consultancy services for automotive and manufacturing sectors

NTT DATA is the ideal partner to help manufacturers understand, enable and benefit from the seismic changes that the digital revolution is bringing to their core businesses and value chains.

Across multiple manufacturing sectors, we are helping manufacturers modernize their business, identifying and prioritizing the actions they should take, and then accompanying them throughout the entire journey towards digitalization.

Wherever you are on your roadmap for digital transformation, NTT DATA has 45 years of experience advising and creating innovative solutions that deliver sustainable business value for manufacturing companies, so helping them achieve a competitive advantage.


Automotive OEMs & NSCs

NTT DATA can help OEMs and NSCs leverage digital technologies to transform their products, operations and sales models, adapt to evolving value chain structures, and accelerate innovation in autonomous technologies, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility (ACES).

Automotive Suppliers

The automotive industry is experiencing growing disruption in business models and supply chains, causing Tier Ones to respond by taking greater ownership of innovation, production and supply chain coordination, and integrate end-to-end processes across business boundaries.

Materials Manufacturing

Materials companies (building, packaging, chemicals) are required to improve operational efficiency and sustainability in both processes and products. Digital transformation enables end-to-end process automation and a data-driven approach to implement analytical applications for decision-making.

Aerospace, Marine & Rail

Society’s demands for more sustainable transportation oblige aerospace, marine and rail manufacturers to decarbonize their products, digitalize their processes and link data from all stages of the product lifecycle, from design through production and sales, to maintenance and end-of-life.

Discrete Manufacturing

NTT DATA can help manufacturers create smarter, connected and more sustainable products and get them into the marketplace faster by building better B2B and B2C relationships, and embracing new manufacturing models and trends such as mass customization or product as a service.


Digital technologies are encroaching in all areas of the capital-intensive metals industry as manufacturers look to analytics and machine learning to help analyze production parameters and perform predictive maintenance, so reducing waste and equipment downtime.


Individualized Production

NTT DATA has developed a solution to help manufacturers running SAP adapt their production lines to “batch size one” orders. RFID tags on the product carriers load the information needed to produce each product.

Supply Chain Tower

This solution, based on the SAP platform, provides end-to-end visibility of the supply chain along with real-time integration with SAP data sources to deliver tight integration between planning and execution systems.


Just In Time / Just In Sequence (JIT/JIS) is essential for automotive manufacturing because production is low-volume, high-variety and requires deep integration with an OEM’s systems.

Asset Management

By collecting data from factory-floor sensors and integrating it into the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), data can be aggregated and analyzed to predict future machine behavior and prevent failures.

Customer Engagement

Digital transformation of engagement processes and channels enables the shift from a product-centric to customer-centric business model, improving commercial effectiveness and conversion rates within the end-to-end sales process.

Product Lifecycle Management

NTT DATA has considerable experience implementing best-in-class PLM solutions for manufacturing clients, supporting PLM user bases across multiple countries and generating improvement proposals that align business and IT requirements.

Digital Center of Excellence

NTT DATA helps manufacturers accelerate the digitization of operations across their end-to-end value chain, supported by the creation of a Digital Center of Excellence, which embraces the latest technologies and agile methodologies to bring greater collaboration between IT and business, so delivering more value and delivering it faster.

Industrial Cloud

As more data and applications migrate to the cloud, NTT DATA can help manufacturers leverage cloud-based data and analytics solutions to run and optimize their business more easily and derive actionable insights, taking advantage of our strategic partnerships with key players in enterprise software, industrial automation and cloud computing.

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