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Creating New Revenues and Transforming Operating Models for Telecoms & Media

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Network operators face multiple challenges as they look to go beyond connectivity, push into content and take a bigger share of the market for value-added business services that is now emerging for B2C and B2B segments.

To capture this value, operators are already investing in 5G actively, and NTT DATA can help them maximize the ROI from those investments and evolve operations, channels and IT capabilities.

We can advise MNOs on how best to design and tailor new service offerings, developing smarter operations, adapting them to the complex needs of enterprise customers, and developing go-to-market strategies that reduce time to value and maximize operator revenues.

Service Lines

B2B Transformation & Sales

For telcos to take full advantage of high-value products and services, they need to transform the way they engage with enterprises, create a differentiated B2B value proposition, and optimize sales and marketing operations with digital technologies.

5G & Infrastructure

We are technology-agnostic when it comes to 5G equipment so we can help operators draw up the optimum roadmap to evolve their network to a fully virtualized and autonomously-managed communications and cloud infrastructure at the pace they decide.


New services and business models require a new approach to operations. NTT DATA can help carriers define new operations models based on a complete redesign of processes, wide scale use of process automation and the use of disruptive technologies like AI to reduce cost or transform established operations

Channels & Digital Interactions

Customer experience is an area where telco can build a long-term sustainable advantage but today’s customers are more demanding and expect a unified experience and a seamless customer journey irrespective of the channels they use.

Digital Services

Enterprises have traditionally seen the role of operators restricted to providing connectivity. If they want to successfully develop and sell value-added digital services, marketplaces and digital platforms they must position themselves within increasingly complex ecosystems to address emerging opportunities across industries for B2C, B2B and B2B2X.

IT Transformation

Incumbent operators are often held back by legacy IT systems in areas such BSS/OSS, customer support or marketing. NTT DATA can help design an IT transformation strategy that allows them to move to smarter cloud-based solutions that provide a truly digital experience and greater agility.

Data-Driven Telco

Operators need to become more data-driven if they want to optimize network performance, better identify “quick wins” for their 5G roll-outs and get closer to their customers. Using analytical tools and platforms we can help operators make more sense from their data.


By adopting fully cloud-native network and business practices, telcos can compete better with the hyperscale cloud providers, but they may need to embrace co-existence of conventional platforms and cloud-native ones with cloud ecosystems. What is the best strategy?


As telcos and OTT digital content providers converge on the media opportunity, they need to develop sophisticated content delivery platforms and skills in experience design, content management and behavior analysis.


5G Enabling Fabric

5GEF is a cloud-based platform for automating the orchestration and deployment of 5G services to enable specific use cases that enterprise customers select and configure via an intuitive customer portal.

Smart Operations

NTT DATA has developed a complete framework for making telco operations smarter using proprietary methodologies and tools along the Discovery, Assessment & Design, and Implementation and Run continuum.

5G NaaS

5G NaaS gives carriers the ability to configure and deploy highly customizable connectivity services built upon network slices that are delivered dynamically while meeting demanding Quality of Service (QoS) requirements using AIOps.


Imagine a world where the best NTT DATA business products live in an ecosystem that lets you make the most of every opportunity. That’s Syntphony, an orchestra where individual players outperform themselves when together.

Quanta Framework

Quanta uses process mining to identify processes and then automatically determines if RPA, NLP or other automation technologies can be applied to the processes identified to optimize the capture of efficiencies.

Agile Software Testing

NTT DATA offers a range of agile software testing services for telco platforms including Salesforce Vlocity and products such as mobile devices, set-top boxes and IVR systems.