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Wed, 29 May 2019

An application with a social spirit, awarded by the everis Foundation

This opportunity arose  the day an email from the everis foundation appeared in my inbox informing me of the call for the Social Intrapreneurship Award. After giving it some thought, I decided to take part with the Integrar-T project. What I never imagined was to see my application win this edition.

My enthusiasm for improving the quality of life of my brother, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has driven this project. For the last three years I have been working on Integrar-T, an application that consists of an alternative and augmentative communication system (AAC) for people with disabilities that prevent them from communicating through speech. It is paradoxical that in a fundamentally virtual and hyperconnected world there are no functional and totally accessible systems that meet the needs of these special users.

The project kicked off with a preliminary analysis of several communication systems. During this stage I understood that most of them were non-digital versions; that is, communication systems made by professionals on a physical format. When the first digital Alternative Systems (AAC) were designed I threw myself into investigating them to find the best tool for my brother. That's when I realised that there was no solution that fully met his needs.

According to the national data base of people with disabilities, in Spain there are almost four million disabled people, of whom about 800,000 have limited speech capacity. In this project, I also took into account what teaching methods are usually carried out with people with disabilities. This insight helped me provide greater functionalities to the system. 

How does Integrar-T work?

The main screen of the application consists of tabs which represent categories such as family, work, food, etc. Each one is made up of pictograms that represent the action we want to communicate. To make it more attractive for the user, each category is represented by a color so that users can associate more easily the category with the pictograms or actions to be communicated. The phrase is constructed by navigating between the different categories and by clicking on the pictograms that we want to use.


Integrar-T has great advantages over similar applications. For example, its appearance is more striking, full sentences can be formed and, in a near future, users will be able to customize the application to create their own pictograms and audios. 

The application has been a social success; something I am very proud of. Its use not only has an impact on people with disabilities, but also specialists such as teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, social integrators, and the like, who help people with speech problems to engage in conversation. Therefore, this type of tool is essential to make life simpler and easier for people with disabilities.

Moreover, for the future I am considering adapting the application to the educational system, so that the pictograms, which represent each subject, can be used for giving classes. This should be easier than using books, which are always more difficult for our students to understand. My plans do not end here, since I have focused on some other projects that are also related to social integration

Integrar-T will take me all the way to Japan, where I will discover NTT DATA's entrepreneurial culture in their headquarters. This trip, as well as a month of advisory from I-deals group, is the prize that everis Foundation gives the winner of each edition. I'm ready for my next stop: Japan! 

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