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Fri, 23 October 2020

Technology is our great ally for financial planning

The trend of working online or remotely is gaining considerable ground as COVID-19 forces companies to implement distance working policies in a world that’s avoiding physical contact more than ever. Undoubtedly this is also affecting businesses that offer financial and/or insurance services as they open up the possibility of providing their customers with more support in the areas of financial education, advising and planning.

Financial planning aims to organize people’s finances to adjust them to their needs by setting short, medium and long-term objectives that particularly emphasize adapting investments to the economic situation at any given time, optimizing taxation and protecting assets using the necessary insurance.

In view of COVID-19, advisors and brokers have become essential keys to managing savers’ risks and investments based on extensive, in-depth information on their customers. Planning in today’s world must be more agile with a forward-looking vision and focus on decisions that meet needs.

Speeding up the digital transformation and technological innovation process in relation to planning has proven necessary in the banking and insurance sectors so as to make services, which up until a short time ago were reserved for only certain customers, widespread. Due to the virus-related confinement, the strategy of giving personalized attention to all customers by combining digital advising with on-site or remote managers has intensified. It’s a mixed model grounded in a personal advisor with the help of technological solutions that develops people’s financial/actuarial planning based on criteria of objectivity and uniformity to ensure financial independence with the primary goal of proposing solutions to find peace of mind and economic wellbeing in all stages of life.

Up until now, the industry did not have the capability to offer any solution that would meet the various requirements of a more demanding, more non-conformist, safer and also more well-prepared profile. The multitude of data, figures, formulas and algorithms required for proper planning did not lead to any type of tool that could propose objective and comprehensive solutions in each and every one of the planning phases until it all became aligned with technology.

Nowadays, it is absolutely necessary that we all have the possibility of forecasting our financial situations and obtaining medium and long-term solutions in order to handle each stage in life. At the same time, it also seems essential to have more efficient and productive advisors within a digital environment correctly managing change, placing the focus on planning and contributing the necessary financial/insurance solutions.

Through Finbow, everis has been able to democratize planning by making it accessible to everyone. Focus on objectives criterias, based on satisfaction of needs and projecting the capacity to level real life expectancy with financial life expectancy.


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