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Fri, 20 December 2019

Work spaces designed for people's well-being

Talent is a word that is part of everis DNA. The commitment to people, their abilities, their projection and their well-being is a constant that inspires us and helps us to grow every day. 

This growth is reflected not only in our business figures but also in our ability to innovate, do things differently, and the creation and exploration of new and innovative workplaces. From this mentality and philosophy arises the new everis global headquarters, a working environment located in Madrid to which the professionals who are part of this office have recently moved. 

The change of headquarters responds to a need arising from the growth of our business and the intention to promote the welfare of professionals who are part of everis, we have gone from being 8.000 to more than 26,000 in the last decade, with the spirit of encouraging pride in belonging to human teams and helping professionals to improve their efficiency by providing them with a physical space and all the means within our reach that make our day-to-day life more comfortable and inspiring.
everis remains loyal to Madrid, a city where 23 years ago we began to develop a large part of our commercial activity and where we are one of the main generators of employment.

The new headquarters has 36,000 square meters that concentrate more than 3,000 jobs and around 90 collaborative spaces in open and flexible areas. This new concept has been designed with people in mind and the possibilities offered by new technologies to bring us closer to more flexible and efficient working methodologies. 

With these new facilities everis materializes its support for sustainability; the brand new office responds to the concept "paperless office", which means that we do not store papers in our working desks and this makes it easier for people not to feel tied to a fixed place. With this practice we have another challenge ahead of us, to promote the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Objectives that we have set for ourselves as a company.

The culture of the paperless office has spread throughout the world in recent years as it stimulates the leap into the digital world in a more natural way and means a significant reduction in the ecological footprint for the benefit of the environment and savings in the costs derived from the purchase and handling of paper.
With the aim of optimising spaces, the new headquarters has 10% fewer workstations. In addition, the offices are open for use to encourage communication between all professionals, regardless of their role within the teams. Although currently 58% of managers worldwide work in traditional offices, everis wanted to go one step further by abandoning this model and promoting new forms of leadership. Accessibility, transparency and the elimination of barriers between the different roles allow us to create models and sources of inspiration for the rest of the professionals and achieve united work teams.

The global headquarters is one of the more than 50 offices and working centers everis has in 18 countries. In this case, the design is a tribute to the Spanish capital and each of the 5 floors of the new building represents an emblematic district of Madrid, such as Barrio de Atocha, Aeropuerto, El rastro, Retiro, Chueca, El Prado, Gran Vía or Ciudad Universitaria.

Characteristics of the building
If we go deeper into the characteristics of the building, it is worth highlighting some of the functionalities of the different areas. On the one hand we have the concentration rooms, spaces not assigned for individual use, immersive and soundproof, to perform work that requires absolute concentration or make phone calls with our stakeholders and not be disturbed or interrupted by the rest of colleagues.

We also have themed informal zones, spaces also open to informal character, with a unique design depending on the decoration of each floor, which incorporate environments designed for brainstorming sessions or to expose projects.

The Retiro neighborhood, the most important park in Madrid and located in the center of the Spanish capital, is the dining room, with a pleasant atmosphere that favors the disconnection and that has two areas of self-management that puts within reach of all the necessary utensils to avoid the use of plastic.
The new headquarters in Madrid are not just a change of location, it is the result of a common project, which makes us grow, evolve and share the desire and illusion to go further and more united.

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