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Innovative DNA to Make Impactful Ideas Real

Consultancy, services and solution for innovators

Innovation is a key lever to deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, and to create an adaptive strategy that helps to break down resistance and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

At NTT DATA, we nurture the process of transforming ideas into something tangible and beneficial for our clients and society as whole, creating a vision for a sustainable future through technology.

We work hard to foster a culture of innovation, both within our own organization and those of our clients. Innovation takes many forms and we can help innovate traditional industries and business models, while also accompany businesses in more ambitious and disruptive initiatives to leverage innovation to reach new markets and clients.


Emerging Trends and Market Insights

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict changes and make the right decisions. That´s why NTT DATA leverages cutting-edge technologies and a highly skilled and experienced team to discover trends, envision the future and turn decision making into a competitive advantage.

Innovative DNA Generation

Aligning our company’s culture and the mindset of employees with the chosen innovation strategy is a key pillar of our activity. Inncub3 is our integral approach to inspire, train, support and empower employees under a “learning by doing” concept and it has been recognized as differential by independent analysts.

Open Innovation

NTT DATA implements a true Open Innovation model, enabling clients to gain access to world-class innovation ecosystems. We foster collaboration with universities and research centers, startups and NTT global and local R&D Labs to help you imagine and realize the next breakthrough.

Innovation Funding

We conceive co-innovation under an all-encompassing approach, accelerated through the mobilization of external public funds and innovation grants, and we work together along the whole process with key players in relevant knowledge fields, as well as with our clients.

Asset-based Consulting

In an increasingly digital world, we drive exponential growth by taking an end-to-end perspective and using an assets-driven strategy that draws on the best methodologies, tools and technical resources. NTT DATA’s portfolio includes both business solutions as well as cross-technology solutions.

Smart Knowledge Management

True knowledge consists in distilling the organization's know-how. By combining our Knowledge Management Office and Knowler, NTT DATA’s knowledge management platform, we can find the most relevant information from any kind of data and provide valuable insights to accelerate innovation.