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We work with the WEF to make economies and societies resilient

About NTT DATA Group at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos provides an opportunity for leaders across business, government and civil society to respond to global challenges and work together to bolster the resilience of economies and societies.

This 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum will primarily focus on exploring the opportunities enabled by the new technologies and their implications on decision-making and global partnership.

Over 100 governments, the 1000 most important global companies, relevant civil society and academic institutions, as well as the global media will all be in attendance.

Solar energy fields

Center Initiatives


The Center for Nature & Climate

NTT DATA Group will engage and work with the Center for Nature and Climate, specifically to consider regenerative agriculture and food innovation.


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains

NTT DATA Group will engage and work with the Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains. We’ll be focused on helping to accelerate inclusive technology adoption, stimulate innovation, as well as help multiple stakeholders fulfil their social and environmental responsibility, all this without forgetting our clients’ ambitious business performance targets.


The Center for Urban Transformation

NTT DATA Group will engage and work with the Center for Urban Transformation. We’ll be focused on helping to advance public-private collaboration creating a more citizen centric mobility, enabling more resilient, future-ready communities and local economies.

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Nature and Climate

Advanced Manufacturing & Value Chains Center

Urban Transformation

NTT DATA's Group Representative Director, President and CEO, Yo Honma, shares his views after meeting with global leaders at the World Economic Forum.

NTT DATA looks back on its first year as a participant in the World Economic Forum 2024

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Meet our Delegates

Yo Honma
Yo Honma
NTT DATA Group Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

We have commenced our relationship with the WEF as a partner since October 2023, and this is our first time participating in the Davos Annual Meeting.

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Abhijit Dubey
Abhijit Dubey
Global CEO, NTT Ltd., CEO Designee, NTT DATA Inc.

The World Economic Forum helps address many important and critical global challenges through its work with global organizations.

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Other delegates

Shahid Ahmed

Executive Vice President, New Ventures & Innovation, NTT DATA Inc.,

Sai Sekar

Senior Vice President, Global Industries, NTT DATA Group

Shinichi Hoshino

Leader, Global Marketing, NTT DATA Group

Falguni Bhuta

Vice President, Executive Communications, NTT DATA Inc.,

Norbert Rotter

Chief Executive Officer, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Nori Miwa

Leader, Global Industries, NTT DATA Group

Naoya Iwata

President Office, NTT DATA Group